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I'm here to Help Pastors, Churches and Believers through Collective services



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Jeff Scalf has over 38 years of credential ministry experience. He brings to the table over 28 1/2 years of Lead Pastor and Leadership Experience. He's a Certified Church Consultant, Church Revitalization Certification, author of "Collections for the Journey of Life" and more. 

Thank you for stopping by my website!   After 28+ years of Lead Pastoring, the Holy Spirit transitioned me out of pastoring to launch CJS Collective.  It was and is the BIGGEST step of faith I've ever taken.  Yet my heart is on fire to help pastors, churches and believers! 


Please peruse through and see the collective services that are offered.  MORE IS TO COME! I am launching out with many things in the works and heading to production.  I am excited about the potential of helping pastors, churches and believers. Please stop in often to see our progress.  If you'd like to connect with me, you can click on the "Work with Me" box at the top of each page. 


My life verse and the life verse of CJS Collective is "Whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus {Col 3:17a NLT}

The Mission of CJS Collective is:

To help pastors, congregations and believers achieve more for the Kingdom of God. 

Core Values 

The Word of God

The Holy Spirit 



Married to my wife, Shawn, since May 1986. We have two adult Children: Breanna & Josiah.

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