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A Video Message to Pastors


This is my story to Freedom!

"Mental Health" is a big buzz word in today's culture.  Freedom Weekends brings to light the struggle that many are facing and how to be set free from it.  I am not oversimplifying the process, but I am saying I've walked it and this is my story and testimony.  


In these Freedom Weekends, I share my personal journey and testimony.  When I was seven, I was sexually abused by a friend and that's when darkness got into my emotions.  For the next 45+ years I battled the silent battle of depression and the demonic spirit of suicide.  I had been in and out of clinical counseling, medication, psychotherapies, and it would only bring a temporary reprieve.


I would have wonderful, gracious and powerful encounters with the Holy Spirit.  It was like the Holy Spirit was sticking a syringe in my soul and extracting the pain.  Yet the pain would come back and usually worse.  I knew everything in my cranium of how I was set free by Christ and the Spirit of God would bring that freedom.  Yet there was always a disconnect from my brain to my heart.  I knew there was something that was at the root of this but couldn't get to it or know what it was.  Then, in the first week of November 2020, the light of God and His Word shone on the darkness and the reason for the disconnect. I had discovered the root, the stronghold.  Then on November 5, 2020 God instantly and completely set me free!   That deep, dark gnawing emotional pain was gone and today I'm walking in Freedom!

Click to Watch My Testimony on Youtube Channel

Freedom Weekend Schedule

Once we have confirmed and scheduled the Freedom Weekend Event...

Workbooks - About 3-4 weeks out, you will need to order the "Step to Freedom In Christ" workbooks.  This is in addition to any cost CJS Collective has requested.  These books are for the Sunday PM Service.  Couples can share but is best if each person has their own workbook. 


Prayer team - 3 weeks out, I have the pastor develop a prayer team to pray for that scheduled Freedom Weekend for it is spiritual warfare. I will send you a prayer guide to use for praying for this Freedom Weekend event. 


Sunday AM - I share the story of my journey and my healing. We have altar time for people to respond and a time of prayer for healing and deliverance. 


Sunday PM - I go through the 7 Areas that the devil can unknowingly get a stronghold in people's lives and how the Word of God shows them how to break that stronghold and claim and live in their Freedom.


If you have multiple services on Sunday it would probably work best to have a Friday Night Service and a Saturday Freedom Training.  I would not want to rush the service that I give my Testimony in, because the altar time has the potential of being an extended time for people to pour their hearts and hurts out to God. 


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