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Church Consultation 

The Need: Stats show that 90% of churches in America are in a decline or at the very least NOT growing at the same percentage rate as their community.


A 2019 study by Lifeway Research of churches found that, among 34 Protestant groups, 3,000 new churches opened that year but 4,500 churches closed their doors that year.  That’s 1,500 fewer churches in one year.  


The COVID pandemic has had negative effects on church attendance and rattled many churches financially and otherwise. 


Christianity Today posted a story on May 25, 2021, headlined, “More Churches Closed than Opened in 2019. Then Came the Pandemic”. 


The opening sentence, “Losses have denominations focused on church planting and revitalization, but it’s been a challenge” 


The Purpose: A church consultant is usually called to a church that has plateaued or is in decline of some type OR hit an attendance barrier that they seem stuck in and they want to move beyond it.  


He is called upon to come and evaluate the health of the church in the areas of its spirituality, organization, facilities, and such.  He gives a wider view and/or confirmation of that church’s health reality. 


When you bring me in as a CCC you bring a fresh set of eyes to look at your church’s health.  But not just any set of eyes.  These are eyes of experience.  Over 28 ½ years of lead pastor experience.  28 ½ years of being in the trenches of church work.  


I was trained to be a CCC through Church Consultation University now Church Answers University by Thom Rainer. 


Questions for pastors or church leaders reading this.  


Pastor, do you know how many people are within a 30-minute drive of the church you pastor?  


  • What is the average age of that demographic?  


  • What is the median income?  

  • What percentage is married, single, or divorced?

  • What percentage is under the age of 18? 

  • What is the level of education in that demographic?  

  • What is the cultural makeup of that demographic?  What percentage is Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, and any other groups?  


  • What group is projected to be growing more than the other? 


  • What is the political makeup of your demographic?  What percentage holds conservative views, what percentage holds liberal views, and what percentage is considered middle of the road? 

  • What percentage of your demographic is attending church on a regular basis?   Understanding that demographic will help you see the unchurched harvest field in your demographic. 


Is the area growing in population or decreasing and by what percentages?  What is the forecast population for the next 5 years? 


What are the mindsets of the people in your demographic?  


Bright Young professional, MiddleBurg, Empty Nesters, Old and Newcomers, Young and Restless, Hometown, Laptop, and Lattes,... 


There are over 70 identifiable psychographic categories.  The report you’ll receive will break down the percentage of each psychographic category that lives in your demographic, what they value, insight into their thought processes in making decisions, and much more.  

How is your church’s health? 


My service will give you a real insight into the reality of your church’s health, which you may or may not see. 


Are your facilities an asset or a hindrance to your church’s mission? 


Is your social media set up to be effective?  Website, video production, audio production, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  


Is your church a friendly church or a befriending church? 


Is your church on a missional focus?  Are you truly living out God’s purpose for your church in that community and beyond?  


How many people received Christ as their Lord and Savior for the first time last year at the church?  How many rededicated their life to Christ?  How many were water baptized last year? How many believers were baptized in the Holy Spirit last year at your church?  


As I said earlier, my services as a consultant is to bring a fresh set of eyes, someone from the outside looking in.  Again, these are no ordinary eyes, these are eyes of experience.  Over 28 ½ years of Lead Pastor experience and my years of studies of church health and training and becoming a Certified Church Consultant have prepared me to give you a fresh perspective. 


If you are interested or want more information on how the process works, please click the “Work with me” button and I’ll get back to you shortly. 


Want to see a sample of the various reports you'll receive? Click on the pdf samples below.

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