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Why Revitalization Coach?

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A message to pastors

Why Revit Coach?

Statistics show that 90% of churches in America are either plateaued or not growing at the same rate as their community. So if your church has plateaued or is in decline you need to have a plan to turn it around.  Once you get a plan you need a coach to help guide you to fulfilling that plan. 


Being a Lead Pastor for over 28 years myself, I understand the day to day activities that you as a Lead Pastor juggle.  It is hard as a pastor to develop a plan to move the congregation to greater health and growth and do your daily pastoring at the same time.  I know I’ve been there.  


I needed someone to come alongside me, my leadership team and my congregation to guide us, coach us through the process of moving our church from decline/plateau to being a healthier growing church.  


That’s what I do. I come alongside you as a pastor to help you and coach you to move your congregation from plateau/decline to moving forward to health and growth.  


Contact me, I would love to talk to you on how I can help you.  





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