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Sheep's Guide 

Jeff's latest book, A Sheep's Guide - How to Care for Your Pastor, is now available on Amazon and Kindle.  

Jerad M - I own 1300 books, and I can tell you firsthand that I have never read a book on the subject of caring for your pastor like the one I have in your book.

A conservative estimate is that we close 4,500 churches a year and plant 3,000 churches each year, so we are in a deficit of 1,500 churches a year. Our churches have a minister crisis because we do not have enough ministers to fill the pastorates.  We are losing hundreds and hundreds of ministers every year, not just by death or retirement, but they are just walking away from ministry altogether.


This book, A Sheep’s Guide – How to Care for Your Shepherd, is not just a book of information but a call to action. What you are about to read, if properly implemented in your congregation, will cause a spiritual shift in your congregation. A shift that pushes back the kingdom of darkness and allows a move of God among your congregation and beyond. 


I firmly believe most sheep genuinely love and want the best for their pastor/shepherd.  They really want to know how they can help their shepherd yet do not know Biblically what Christ expects of them.


It is hard for your pastor to tell you some or many of the things that will be revealed and discussed in this book because it would seem self-serving to some or more.   This is why I have written this book.  I want to help you, help your pastor/shepherd. I want you to be armed with the truth.  I want you to see practical ways the sheep can care for their shepherd. I will show you how the sheep can be a part of something that will be a spiritual change agent in your congregation.


I have a saying that will bear true in this book; “What benefits the pastor/shepherd benefits the congregation/sheep.  What is a detriment to the pastor/shepherd is a detriment to the congregation/sheep.”


Here’s what others are saying about this book. 


Captain Gary W—USN Retired—I finished your book the other day. It took me a while because of all the notes and highlighting. I also read it over again. I have to say it is an amazing book!! There are so many aspects of being an armor bearer for our Pastor that I never considered. I ordered another copy to give to our Pastor to read. You have a true gift of writing, and I want to encourage you to keep it up. 

Pastor Dallas P - A Sheep’s Guide is practical, yet very spiritual. Every denominational leader needs a stack to hand out. I will recommend this book to every pastor or church leader I know.  

Jerad M - I own 1300 books, and I can tell you firsthand that I have never read a book on the subject of caring for your pastor like the one I have in your book. Not only is the book relevant, but it is also very timely as a substantial encouragement and reminder to both the Pastor and congregation of this all-important need and recognition. 


Pastors are leaving the ministry in droves daily. This book could very well be the resource that keeps them in the fight of faith. Thank you, Pastor Jeff, for writing this book. I truly believe it is going to help thousands of Pastors, leaders, and congregation members better care for their shepherds.


Beverly B - I just finished your book!  I love it.  It was an engaging read.  I found myself thinking as I made my way through this book that I wanted to give this book to every member of our church.  Your words touched on many things that, as a pastor, I have wished would happen in the church and didn’t know how to communicate to those that I pastor.  When I finished the book, I had a tremendous sense of hope for the future of our church.  This book is a powerful tool to bless both the sheep and the shepherd.


Kelley A - OK, first and foremost, thank you for writing this book and for putting your experience as a pastor in the light. Many things you addressed are genuine issues that are neglected within the body.  You have given me -personally- much to think about in regard to how I care for my pastor and his family, and for that, I truly thank you. You brought up many valid Scriptural points that are not addressed in many churches. A pastor rarely preaches on how others should regard him (or his family or about how he should be cared for. So again - thank you.


Shelly C - I thoroughly enjoyed and agree with this book! Great job!


Nichole H - The only thing I really have to say is a good job. It is obvious that this book was written with prayer, preparation, and much research.   I think it is great. It is necessary, and I believe, a fantastic resource to put things into perspective for many people, including pastors. The timing is perfect.

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