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The Balanced Pastor - 6 Areas To Keep Tuned

A guitar sounds amazing if two things are in place.  First, you’ve got to have someone that can play the guitar.  Secondly, it has to be in tune.  Not just one or two strings but every string has to be in tune.  Each string has to have the right amount of tension for it to be in tune.  Too little tension and it sounds flat. Too much tension and it sounds sharp.  


Of all the projects I’m currently working on at CJS Collective, this is the one that I’m stoked the most about!  Why?  Because this is one that I can personally relate to and I wish that someone would have put it together in such plain English as this. 


Being a Lead Pastor for over 28 years, I surely know how stressful it can be day in and day out.  In 2022 when I felt the Holy Spirit shifting my calling from pastoring to what I’m doing now, He began to show me some areas I was out of balance in. Actually, He had been trying to show me all along, I was just now beginning to listen.  As I looked around at other colleagues of mine I saw that some of them (perhaps more than some) were just as out of balance as I was.  


As the Holy Spirit was expanding the insight into the areas of my being out of balance, I began to take inventory in each of these areas to see how long I had been out of balance.  As I took inventory of my 37+ years of credentialed ministry, I realized that I’d been out of balance pretty much my entire ministry career!  

6 areas in a Pastor’s life need to be in tune for them to have the potential to achieve their best.  Being out of tune in one area affects the quality of another and so on.  Being out of tune can lead a pastor to being frustrated, feeling isolated, unsuccessful, burned out, and more. Not only does the pastor suffer from being out of tune, but other areas of his life suffer as well.  


I am currently writing the book "The Balanced Pastor - 6 Areas To Keep Tuned."  This book will be written from my years of being out of tune to help others become tuned so they can be the beautiful music God created them to be. 


I can perceive that from that book will come the curriculum courses that will dive into each of the areas in wonderful detail with a plan on how to live it out and be in tune in that area.  Tentatively, the course will have about twelve 20-minute sessions on video and audio.  It will have a PDF printable and digital workbook and maybe even a planner to keep you on track to be in tune. 


If you want to be notified when the book becomes available, just click on the “Notify Me” button, and I will place you on a notification list.  I promise I will not abuse or sell your email address.  


All ministers, not just Lead Pastors, will benefit from being in tune in these 6 areas.  

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